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By FLROOM | Pearl Pleated Skirt #Yellow

106 AED 29 AED
Yellow-Pearly Easy Wear Wide Skirt

By FLROOM | Weekly Two Pieced Dress #Red

144 AED 49 AED
Simple but Stylish Two-Pieced Dress Set

By FLROOM | Denim Skirt Pants #Blue

138 AED 49 AED
Cheerful, Lovely Denim Skirt Style Short Pants

By DANHAROO | Edge Cut Ripped Straight Pants #Light Blue

90 AED 49 AED
Denim jean with vintage look

By DANHAROO | Basic Roll-up Denim Skinny Pants #Dark Blue

104 AED 49 AED
Basic, daily skinny jean for all seasons and occasions

By BLUE LABEL | Perfect Fit no. 51 Mochi Slacks #Charcoal

118 AED 49 AED
Classic straight fit slacks for any occasions

By BLUE LABEL | Grace Pants #Brown

118 AED 49 AED
Classic pants with sleek fit, suitable for any occasions

By BLUE LABEL | Perfect Fit no. 40 Banding Slacks #Dark Grey

118 AED 49 AED
Simple, stylish slacks with great comfort and fit

By SECRET LABEL | Span Cotton Leggings Pants #Wine

110 AED 49 AED
Stylish but comfortable leggings pants for any occasions

By SECRET LABEL | Basic H Shape Line Skirt #Beige

69 AED 29 AED
Basic skirt with elegant, sexy fit

By SECRET LABEL | Slit Pastel Mid Skirt #Off Sky Blue

96 AED 29 AED
Decent, smart looking skirt