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GELATO FACTORY | Nail Care Goodbye Damage Nail Treatment

770 PHP 560 PHP
For those nails that were damaged by nail art, for those who have thinner nails and are easily broken, for those who have dry nails that are easily cracked and peeled off, this is a must-have!

GELATO FACTORY | Nail Care Goodbye Damage Gel Nail Remover

770 PHP 560 PHP
A must-have for self-nailers!

GELATO FACTORY | Topcoat Longlong Gel Top

840 PHP 630 PHP
Say goodbye to the hassle of wiping with a gel cleanserđź‘‹ Long Long Gel Top does not leave a sticky uncured gel!

GELATO FACTORY | Curing Tool Gelato Lamp

1120 PHP 840 PHP
The nail dryer can be powered by power bank, desktop or any devices with USB port. Suitable for both high-end nail salon and personal home use!

ATOPALM | Maternity Stretch Mark Cream

1820 PHP 1246 PHP
This lightweight, non-greasy, fresh smelling STRETCH MARK CREAM was formulated specifically to help prevent or relieve stretch marks caused by pregnancy. It is both mild and safe and can also help improve the appearance of red lines. Formulated with MLE and Ceramide-9S ™ which are similar to the natural skin lipids and help strengthen the skins’ moisture barrier which can be especially compromised and sensitive due to pregnancy. It also helps to relieve the itching caused by the stretched, dry skin.

By DANHAROO | Slim Skinny Pants #Light Blue

1722 PHP 686 PHP
Denim skinny jean with comfortable fit

By DANHAROO | Edge Cut Ripped Straight Pants #Light Blue

1260 PHP 686 PHP
Denim jean with vintage look

By DANHAROO | Basic Roll-up Denim Skinny Pants #Dark Blue

1456 PHP 686 PHP
Basic, daily skinny jean for all seasons and occasions

By DANHAROO | Reuvia Checked Off Shoulder Blouse #Light Orange Check

1260 PHP 406 PHP
Lovely off-shoulder blouse, stylish loose fit and detailed strap

By DANHAROO | Some Off Shoulder Blouse #Navy

1456 PHP 406 PHP
Chic, luxury looking off-shoulder blouse

By DANHAROO | Checked Skirt #Red Polka Dot

1064 PHP 406 PHP
Vivid and lovely check-patterned flared skirt

By BLUE LABEL | Perfect Fit no. 51 Mochi Slacks #Charcoal

1652 PHP 686 PHP
Classic straight fit slacks for any occasions