Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful

Lowest Price Guaranteed !

Let's BEAT COVID-19 !

It's time to stay Safe, but we can't compromise our Beauty. KGC has carefully selected these Skincare products to offer at the most affordable price.

Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful !


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KN95 FFP2 Grade Disposable Face Mask (2pcs)

56 SAR 31 SAR
Protect yourself and others from ongoing COVID-19 Virus with this high-quality KN95 FFP2 Grade Face Mask. Lowest Price Guaranteed !

TIAM | Vitamin Basic Set | C20 Serum + Cream

383 SAR 221 SAR
A Set of Tiam | Vitamin C20 Serum + Cream (Set Discount applied)

TIAM | Vitamin C, A+ Cream

197 SAR 122 SAR
Relaxing moisturizer contains vitamin C. Make your skin best condition every morning. Fresh Natural water of Jeju and Jeju mandarin extract. Protect, soften and moisturize your skin.

TIAM | Pure Vitamin C20 Serum #Trouble Care

185 SAR 110 SAR
Simple skin care with only one Vitamin C. Faster Vitamin C Effects with added peeling function. Combine 20% L-ascorbic acid with natural antioxidants to help prevent premature signs of aging. Protect, soften and moisturize your skin.

INNISFREE | Special Care Foot Mask

31 SAR 23 SAR
Foot treatment for soft, healthy feet. Seven natural herbal extracts adds vitality to the skin.

INNISFREE | Special Care Hand Mask

31 SAR 23 SAR
Innisfree special care hand mask helps soften and reduce the signs of aging hands. Hand mask for silky and moisturized hand.

INNISFREE | No Sebum Blur Primer

99 SAR 68 SAR
A primer that makes the skin texture smooth and bright, as if giving a blur effect, covering skin bumps caused by pores and fine wrinkles.

INNISFREE | Jeju Volcanic Oil Control Paper

37 SAR 19 SAR
Jeju volcanic oil control paper is an eco-friendly product made of hanji, the traditional Korean paper made from mulberry trees, that effectively soaks up excess sebum, leaving your skin with moisture.

INNISFREE | Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack

37 SAR 19 SAR
Innisfree Jeju volcanic nose pack intensively absorbs the deeply embedded black heads and clarifies skin pores.

INNISFREE | Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

111 SAR 80 SAR
A clay peel-off mask that helps clear pores and visibly improve skin's texture with naturally-absorbent Jeju Super Volcanic Clusters™.

INNISFREE | Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

111 SAR 73 SAR
Creamy clay mask with the extraordinary absorbing powers of Jeju Volcanic Cluster.

INNISFREE | Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam

86 SAR 56 SAR
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam with Jeju volcanic scoria to purify pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.