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COSRX | AC Collection Blemish Spot Clearing Serum

50090 IQD 30412 IQD
A refreshing daily serum that aids brightening, soothing, and after care for the skin barrier, after skin trouble has passed.

COSRX | AC Collection Calming Foam Cleanser

33632 IQD 23256 IQD
Refreshing cleansing foam that gently remove skin waste, sebum, and dead skin cells with soft foam to make the sensitive skin pure and clear.

COSRX | AC Collection Calming Liquid Toner #Intensive

47943 IQD 28623 IQD
Fast and effective intensive care essence liquid that soothes the troubled skin.

COSRX | AC Collection Calming Liquid Toner #Mild

47943 IQD 28623 IQD
AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild contains 85% of green tea, centella, and is a mildly prescribed product that removes unnecessary keratin and sebum and soothes skin.

COSRX | Acne Cure Set | Cleanser + Pad + Patches

74777 IQD 56172 IQD
Set of the following items; - COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser - COSRX One Step Original Clear Pad - COSRX Acne Pimple Master 24 patches (AED 10 Discount applied)

COSRX | Acne Cure Set | Pad + Patches

48301 IQD 36852 IQD
Set of the following items; - COSRX One Step Original Clear Pad - COSRX Acne Pimple Master 24 patches (AED 5 Discount applied)

COSRX | Acne Pimple Master 24 patches

From 5725 IQD
Finally, an acne treatment that treats acne for what it really is, an infected wound. These little pimple patches are an overnight fixer to make whiteheads, blackheads and picked zits disappear by morning.

COSRX | Low pH Centella Cleansing Powder (enzymecella)

33632 IQD 16101 IQD
Exfoliating, Control sebum, Clearing, Calming, Non-irritating, Pore Clearing.

COSRX | One Step Green Hero Calming Pad 70ea

39356 IQD 31485 IQD
Formulated with 10% of Green-RX Complex, which is derived from natural plants, help refresh, calm, and hydrate skin. All ingredients are natural and approved as EWG Green Grade.

COSRX | One Step Original Clear Pad

39356 IQD 31485 IQD
The award-winning COSRX One Step Original Clear Pads are pre-soaked in betaine salicylate and willow bark water to chemically exfoliate without drying out your skin. Active ingredients penetrate deeply into pores to dissolve oil and dead skin cells, which help in controlling breakouts.

Pyunkang Yul | ACNE Facial Cleanser

21825 IQD 16101 IQD
Made for acne-prone and sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic facial cleanser is infused with white willow bark extract to exfoliate dead skin cells, forsythia suspensa fruit extract to decrease inflammation and centella asiatica extract to rejuvenate skin.

Pyunkang Yul | ACNE Spot Cream

28981 IQD 19678 IQD
The cream is specialized for treating acne spots, quickly soothing acne within 12 hours through its strong anti-inflammatory effects contained in highly-enriched ingredients. It also suppresses bacteria from growing further in pores, preventing recurrence of acne.